14 Ways to Destroy Designers Block

Are you running low on creative ideas? Having a designer’s block? You are not alone and even the most talented and inspiring designers, authors, and artists are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration, and we have come up with a number of suggestions that you could find interesting and useful.

Are you running low on creative ideas? Having a designer’s block? You are not alone and even the most talented and inspiring designers, authors, and artists are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration, and we have come up with a number of suggestions that you could find interesting and useful:

Look Around You

Often, we immerse ourselves into our own worlds and tend to take almost everything for granted. The truth is that you can find inspiration all around us even in some of most mundane circumstances – keep your eyes and mind open of the beauty around you and you never know when the next brilliant idea will come from.

Get Inspired by Nature

Nature has been a source of inspiration for many great artists and every time you go to away from the big city or even take a walk in the park, do not fail to notice its beauty.

Follow the Masters

Follow the work of some great designers. No matter how hard we try to stay original and come up with our own and unique ideas, following the work of others could help every artist put an unexpected twist on his or her own work or come up with something completely new and exciting. Almost all good designers have portfolios, which you can use to see what the latest trends are and learn some new techniques and elements. Needless to say, you should never blatantly copy other designers’ work, but use it to improve your own.

Try Musical Inspiration

Mmusic can unlock your emotions and serve as an inspiration as well, however, only a few of us actually take the time to listen to music and do nothing else. Instead of using it as background noise, move away from the computer, lie down on your favorite sofa for half an hour, and listen to some good music without any other distractions. This is an excellent way not only to relax and combat stress, but also to recharge your creative cells as well.

Meet with Friends and Family

Nothing makes us feel more alive like meeting with the people that we love. Being social and spending time with not only the ones that you are close to, but also meeting new and interesting people could help you in almost every aspect of your life, including your work. Do not spend every single day, locked into your own world and working only, and always make time for social activities!

Research the History of Art

Taker a deeper look into the history of art: go to the nearest bookstore or library and open an art history book. Nothing compares to the work the world’s famous artists and you could draw inspiration from the colors, shapes, and forms of paintings, sculptures, and architecture.

Do Something Different

Even the scientists recommend changing our surrounding and trying different and new things in order to keep our minds challenged. If you spend too much time following the same routine, you can easily “hit the wall,” and struggle with your work. Take a trip to a town you have never been to, go on a vacation, take a new class, join a gym, and you will find yourself feeling refreshed and recharged.

Check Out a Museum

Visit a museum or an art gallery – while you could always buy an art book, seeing some great exhibits “live” could be very inspirational. You could easily be influenced by the classic painters and some contemporary artists alike and find motivation in their work.

Work on Your Own Exciting Projects

Often, doing the same type of work again and again could hinder your creativity. Seek projects that are inspiring or create unique designs for your own web sites, as this would help you stay challenged and motivate you to push yourself even harder.

Get Inspired Online

The Internet is a vast source of printed and visual materials and you can find literally hundreds of thousands of articles, photographs, online magazines, creative ads, music, and videos. Set aside a few minutes each day to look at some of the web sites that interest you and that could help you get new ideas for your work.

Spend Some Time By Yoursel

If you work from home, where pets are roaming the house non-stop or your kids are running from room to room all day long, then take a walk in the park or at the beach and have some quality “alone” time. Try to clear your mind from your everyday worries and enjoy the walk – this would help you reduce stress, recharge your batteries, and ultimately, work better.

Watch a Good Movie

Good movies can be very inspirational, once in a while, make an effort to see what movies are out, read the movie reviews sites, and pick a film that you might find interesting and inspiring. The great work of many renowned directors and producers could encourage your creativity!

Read a Good Book

When was the last time you read a book? Many designers tend to spend countless hours behind the computer screens and reading an interesting book could definitely be a welcomed distraction. Go to the nearest library, bookstore, or simply ask a friend to lend you an interesting book and you could find your inspiration.

Attend Classes and Seminars

Where you are likely to learn new trends and techniques, meet like-minded fellow designers, and see some great work as well.

Since inspiration is truly everywhere, make it a point to be prepared to write down your ideas at any time – carry a small notepad and pen with you or their digital version, an iPhone or smartphone. This ensures that you can write down any great idea that you have while it is still fresh and work on it when you get back home. Living a rich life is what helps creative men and women produce work that is exceptional and creative – try your best to find the balance between career and family and make sure that working hard does not stand in the way of having a social life.


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