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Polish Your Website with this Web 2.0 Logo Tutorial

The term web 2.0 graphics has no proper definition. But so far, as we have throughout the entire Internet, have seen those glossy graphics, shiny 3D buttons, logos, bubble like icons. All have a common factor which is the distinctive shine or gloss, and the 3 dimensional illusion bubble effect. In this project and tutorial, the words shine and gloss will be greatly overused.

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Improve Your Skills and Avoid Dead Ends with this Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you the steps to compose a dark, gloomy, and spooky background with a distinctive neon sign at a dead end. Basically, it is a composition using two techniques in Photoshop namely the Neon Lights effect and Creating a Wall Landscape. Combining these techniques can create many dark themed scenes with the help of textures, lighting, and some spooky brushes.

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Show Off Your Photoshop Mastery with this Awesome Engraving Tutorial


Today’s Photoshop tutorial is going to be an engraving effect on solid steel. The effect is inspired from the movie poster of the action sci-fi …

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If You Have a Passion for Design Check Out this Cool Bleeding Photo Photoshop Tutorial


Let me share to you a simple trick in Photoshop where we create a badass antique looking portrait painted in blood. Speaking of blood, this …

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Bursting with Creativity? Check Out this Awesome Sunburst Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a very cool sunburst or rising sun effect on Photoshop.

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Photoshop the Underworld with this 3D Text Effect

Many of you, including me, have already stumbled upon several Photoshop tutorials like this on other web sites. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow right away because of the confusing instructions and left out parts and details which are very important. So here’s my detailed tutorial of this Photoshop technique.

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Make a Painting Come Alive with this Photoshop Tutorial


I have been doing a few internet strolling until I came across with this screen captures magically alive paintings in Hogwarts of the Harry potter …

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Be One with the Blur – Create a Cool Bokeh Effect in Photoshop

The Bokeh effect is a term in photography referring to the way the lens of a camera renders the blurred or out of range focus light. These blurred lights are usually seen as the distant lights found in the background of an image. A popular setting for Bokeh lights is from the distant lights from night time shots in the city streets.

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