Data Recovery Plans and Why You MUST Have One

by on June 23rd, 2011 0 comments

Almost all of today’s information is being kept in computers. This is very crucial in almost all businesses since it serves as a backbone- to the employees up to the bosses. That’s why data recovery measures needs to be taken seriously. Net malware, corrupted viruses, nasty trojans, equipment robbery and dishonest members, these are just the common problems that you may face when your files are not well guarded.

There are just some data bases that require you to have a back up and with this you may spend some funds in buying an external device for you to have a duplicate copy of the files though if you know the basic backup methods, your company will save you money and time without going to a computer technician.

To begin with, you need to identify the most important sections of your system. As much as possible, make a list of your current computer systems. There are files and data that need to be prioritized. This also goes for the major applications that you commonly used in a daily basis. Like for instance, a hospital has some kind of management system which has files of patient records. This is just a classic example where you need to have an effective data recovery plan.

I also want to include your archived email and email system. These areas are the ones that need backup like for instance there is an ongoing maintenance on the system or a bug; you need to have a backup so that business operation goes on no matter what.

Now when it comes to recording all the data, major applications and files include information about its location, gibabits capacity and the format whether text or database. If a file can be open in a notepad, it is more likely to be a text file but if it’s not then it would be database.

If handling databases, these are usually active and working. You may need to look for special software to fix this area. If this are not take seriously, the files can be corrupted. Now it’s time for us to move on, certain computers which are being used in some companies are somewhat old.  At times, these companies don’t bother in getting hardware not knowing the importance of it when it comes to recovering files.

I bet you’ve experience disaster or computer problems when it comes to managing files or applications. If the system is old, this needs to be change since time is very crucial in a business operation. Just to give you an example, large files can take days to recovery which can be a pain for the company, so you might consider having a Web-hosting center when these types of problems occur.

Data protection is very essential; you need to ensure that certain files in stored in various locations should be accessible to locate without having to go tedious processes. So I may suggest that you implement a simple disk mirror, this basically means having two hard drives of the same information. Some computer disk drives tend to glitch out but if you have a system where mirrored hard drives are available, you need not to worry.

Likewise, don’t consider having a tape back since it’s pretty slow and you can never count on it. Instead you need to have an on-site NAS (network attached storage) device. This can be a bit expensive but it’s pretty much worth it. The good thing about it is you don’t have to worry in installing the files since its user friendly.

As we follow these steps and procedures, we need to remember that information should be kept confidential since our customers trust on us.