Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 2

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Today I am pleased to bring you Volume 2 of the interesting links I have gathered. If you are at all interested in anything web design/development related I am sure you will find a link or two that interests you in this list.


27 Of The Best CSS And HTML Frameworks Available To Download

I have to tell you that I discovered my first CSS framework more than a year ago and I was fascinated at least. Hours of writing the same dull code and then solving the same silly bugs have been lost before it and I was almost mad about it but in the same time happy that I’ve at least found the bloody thing. Out of a personal curiosity I’ve searched all the possible CSS frameworks to see what they are bringing new and how they are helping the community and then selected the best of them for other unfortunate designers or developers out there who don’t have their hands on a CSS grid framework. I was surprised that people have already made mobile CSS/HTML frameworks but you won’t have to, cause you got them here and can use them free.

Examples of Flexible Layouts With CSS3 Media Queries

In my CSS3 presentation that I’ve given several times over the past year, the part that seems to impress the audience the most is my demonstrations of media queries. I’m with them. I think media queries are perhaps the most useful and exciting piece of all the great new stuff that’s new to CSS3.

CSS3 Button Tutorials and Techniques Revisited

Once upon a time when a web design required a nice, functional and scalable button it would have had to have been firstly designed in Photoshop, implemented with the sliding doors technique, and you may have had to spice things up with a little Javascript. With CSS3 everything is changing – everything is easier and certainly better.

How to Create Social Media Buttons Using CSS3

CSS3 is truly amazing. It gives web designers the ability to create flexible and easily reusable design elements, and reduces our reliance on images and graphics editors. This is a guide shows you how to create stylish social media buttons using CSS3, HTML, and some freely available social media icons.

45 Free CSS and XHTML Web Layout Templates

In this CSS and XHTML template round-up we have selected templates that do meet the latest design trends and do use the latest innovative development techniques. They have all been built professionally, all are standard compliant and all, in there own unique way, will perfectly as a modern standalone web site as well.

Spritebox is a WYSIWYG tool to help web designers quickly and easily create CSS classes and IDs from a single sprite image.

32 Javascript Alternatives with Pure CSS

The pure CSS techniques, outlined in this article, are neither new nor are they ground-breaking. What they do offer is CSS solutions to what would typically and traditionally be associated with Javascript, and as a demonstration that they do exist and could be quite easily used.

50 CSS3 Tutorials Every Designer Should See

While making a New Website Design, designers have to take a look at new CSS3 features. In this post we will show you some easy and useful CSS3 Tips that you can use in your next project. You will be able to explore different tutorials and features of CSS3 through following tutorials. Enjoy!


MyFonts’ top fonts of 2010

Dear reader, get ready for one of the most relevant best-of-the-year lists of the font world. MyFonts’ parade of most popular fonts of 2010 is based on sales, so ultimately this is the list that you voted for. And a fascinating collection it is too, offering striking, charming and highly original faces for all tastes and budgets. Some trends? “Friendly and human” is big, with typefaces sporting rounded corners, soft silhouettes or hand-drawn letterforms. Scripts are going as strong as ever. And two cities have risen to prominence as typographic metropoli, 7500 miles apart: Buenos Aires and Berlin. Those are the trends; these are the typefaces — enjoy! And happy 2011 from the MyFonts team.

20 Free Fonts Related to Music Industry

Some days ago we featured 20+ Free Fonts Inspired by Famous Movies. If you are music addict then this collection can be very pleasing for your, today we have collected 20 Excellent free fonts which are somehow related to music industry. Majority of them are used in logos of rock bands. Have fun.

Fonts Used In Logos Of Popular Websites

Branding and logo designing is very important for any website as every website has to establish itself on distinct basis and to deliver unique message. Therefore, they try to use most excellent designed fonts. Today we have collected fonts used in logos of 26 popular websites.

30 Free Fantasy Fonts

If you want to visit place next to this world with the help of typography than you should consider using the fonts we have collected today. The oddness and eccentric look of these fonts make you feel out of the world, if used correctly. Hope you will like this collection of these Gothic, curly and cursive fantasy fonts.

25 Free Fonts Perfect for @fontface

The recent web design trend of not using web safe fonts for headlines and titles has opened up a whole new resource category for designers: The search for the perfect headline grabbing font.

My Personal Favorite Free Fonts

Everyone has personal favorite fonts, some love to use script fonts in there work, some like professional fonts other like grunge fonts. It depends on your way of thinking and what kind of output you want. Today I thought to feature some of my favorite fonts, these 30 fonts listed below are my top picks for any project. I love to have fun with them. Have a look and let me know which is your favorite font?

10 Free Fonts Sites That Don’t Suck

There are an awful lot of free font websites out there. But which ones are the best? Which ones can you take seriously? I’ll answer those questions right now, with a collection of the best free font sites on the web today.

20+ Awesome Gothic Fonts for Traditional Designing

Gothic fonts are always helpful in ancient and traditional designing. Their swirls and twists give the letter a conventional look. Today we have collected 24 fresh and exhilarating gothic fonts. We hope these fonts will come handy in your future projects.

35+ Fonts that Add Spice to your Site

It is beyond doubt that fonts are one of the most important parts of every web project. Through the ages there notable and numerous have been done in development and advent of new fonts.


Form validation with jQuery from scratch

This article does not show you how to use the jQuery validate plugin. The tutorial covers building a lightweight, flexible solution from scratch. It won’t be nearly as advanced and powerful as the official plugin. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll learn something from a jQuery, JavaScript and Object-Oriented aspect.

19 Best jQuery Dropdown Menus

Dropdown menus are used since the evolution of graphical user interfaces, and jQuery Menus are most wanted. Although a must in almost all websites, but still they are high on demand. There are numerous options in dropdown menus, but finding the one matching to your needs yet trendy can be tricky.

jQuery 1.4.4 API Cheat Sheet

A great resource for anyone working with jQuery.

25 Fresh jQuery Tutorials and Plugins

jQuery is the most famous, powerful and cross-browser JavaScript library which is designer to simplify the HTML scripting. It is lightweight JavaScript Library which supports CSS 1-3 selectors and is used by thousands of popular websites. Looking at the power which jQuery provides to its user, today we bring 25 fresh jQuery tutorials and plugins for you. Enjoy this handy collection.


Design a Fresh Web Service / SaaS Website Interface (Plus a Free PSD!)

In this tutorial we’ll be using Adobe Photoshop to design a clean and fresh interface that can be used for any web service or SaaS-based web app. We’ll be covering some trademark web elements such as ribbons, buttons and stickers, as well as some basics including shapes, masks, typography, and much more.

Make a Simple and Modern Web UI Button in Photoshop

This beginner-level web/user interface design tutorial will walk you through the creation of a popular style of buttons that can be used in a variety of situations, such as in call-to-actions, common user tasks such as submitting a web form, and buying products from your e-store. In addition to the creation of the graphic in Photoshop, we will go over the HTML and CSS needed in order to make the design fully functional.

Blog.SpoonGraphics Design Tutorials: Greatest Hits 2010

2010 has been a another good year for me. As I’ve declined my number of client projects in order to spend more time working as a ‘blogger’ I’ve been able to put more time into writing tutorials, making them more in-depth and detailed. It’s fab to see my tuts helping people out and gaining exposure on the web. Here’s a roundup of my ‘greatest hits’ this year according to StumbleUpon ‘thumbs up’ stats. Surprisingly a few of the most popular were topics I never expected to do so well, and on the contrary some posts I put some real sweat into never seemed to take off in comparison!

Minimalistic Poster Design in Photoshop

It’s the end of the year and for the last tutorial of 2009 I will show you how to create a poster inspired by the amazing work of Simon Page, especially those beautiful posters for the International Year of Astronomy. I created this design first for the Abduzeedo 3rd Anniversary poster but I changed it a little bit for this Photoshop tutorial.

10 Handy Photoshop Plugins for Photographers and Designers

Since photography is the hot issue here at Designzzz now days. Here’s list of important Photoshop plugins for photographers and designers. Retouching, color enhancement and some powerful utilities to boost a designer’s, or photographer’s productivity.

November’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

This is a list of 30 hand-picked, fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community.

1 Million Photoshop Backgrounds

Photoshop Backgrounds plays a vital role in highlighting your focus point. Today we have collected an astounding collection of different Photoshop Backgrounds which you may like to use in any or your artwork or just add a little glamor to your desktop. Check out for this massive top collection of Photoshop Backgrounds.

35+ Amazing Photoshop Tutorials in 2010

Today, I would like to share with you more than 35 of the best Photoshop tutorials in 2010. These tutorials varies from text effects, photo manipulation, poster design and UI design. If you have another useful Photoshop tutorial, feel free to share it in the comments and share with each other.

Design a Textured “Coming Soon” Web Page in Photoshop

This web design tutorial will show you how to make a simple “coming soon” web page that has a nice background texture and a slick web form that you can easily adapt into contact forms, newsletter signup pages, and more. You will witness several web design techniques such as creating textured backgrounds, creating light rays, making illustrative clouds, and more.

Our Favorite Photoshop Tutorials of 2010 on PSDTuts

Wow! Another year has come and gone. 2010 is coming to an end and 2011 is quickly approaching. 2010 was a great year for Psdtuts. Sure, we had some ups and downs but we managed to finish strong with a few of the strongest months we’ve ever had in terms of traffic. We published a lot of content in 2010 so I decided to go through the archives to find some of my favorite tutorials from 2010; choosing only 1 tutorial from each month, and share them with you here. What I found were some awesome lessons on matte painting, drawing, typography, and layout.

50 Amazing Photoshop Blogs

We’re living in a brand new, Photoshopped world. Visit a checkout aisle in any grocery store in the country, and you’ll find a wealth of magazine cover shots that seem a bit too primped, too thin, and too bronzed to be believed. Our obsession with perfecting reality has led to a boom in the usage of the Photoshop technology everywhere; but there’s a good deal of fun and artistry to be had with the software as well. Here are the best fifty blogs on the subject that we’ve culled from the Web. Click around, and magnify your favorites.

The Top 50 Best Photoshop Tutorials from 2010

Today, we’ve got a special collection of the best Photoshop tutorials from 2010 for you.  We worked really hard to gather up the best of the best tutorials from design blogs and magazines around the internet, with everything from text effect tutorials, matte painting tutorials, graphic design tutorials, print design tutorials, photomanipulation tutorials, web design tutorials and more, in order to supercharge your Photoshop tutorials for 2011.

iPhone Development GUI Kits, Wireframe Stencils and Icons

To help streamline your iPhone app design and development, we have put together a fairly comprehensive collection of iPhone & iPad GUI kits that will allow you to focus on developing rather than having to design everything from scratch.


How to organize your content with WordPress custom taxonomies

Organizing content can be a lot of fun. Well, it can be a lot of fun if you’re a crazy blogger/librarian-at-heart, like many of us are. When you have a good deal of content it can quickly become more than you can handle, if you don’t have a decent system in place. I would even argue that unless you have a handle on your content, no one else can be expected to either.

Custom WordPress Login/Register/Password Code

In this DiW post, we transform three slices of code into a clean & stylish tabbed menu that visitors can use to login, register, and recover passwords from anywhere in your site.

Grey: A New Free HTML5/CSS3 WordPress Theme

Grey is generic enough to be used for almost any kind of blog. Whether you’re looking to setup your own design blog, a blog about photography, fashion or whatever your passion, the Grey themeshould suit your needs. It is built on a simple layout, but with lots of little touches of subtle detail and texture.

How to Display Featured Post on Sidebar with Thumbnails

Have a featured post displayed on sidebar has several advantages, such as to increase pageviews. With featured post section, you can display your best articles. So that it can attract visitors to explore your site longer.

Web Design

10 Extremely Useful Background Generators for Designers

Using good background image in web design can really lift up a simple layout. Now the question is, how to generate interesting backgrounds for your website. There are many ways to achieve that, you can do it either a simple way or harder way. Simple way is to use online background generators, which can be used to make stripped, tiled, textured and dotted patterns.

25 Free High-Quality Minimalist Icon Sets

This collection features simple and flexible icon sets that are free for you to download. These icons are suitable for many uses, such as in iOS (i.e. iPhone, iPad) and Android apps, website prototypes and wireframes, e-stores, blogs, and more. There are over 2,000 icons in this icon set collection. Please read the licensing and terms of use of the icons you intend to use.

Best of the web design tools and resources of 2010

Another year ends and a new year begins, there have been 12 months full of news in the web design world, from the New Twitter design to the constant grow of HTML5 and CSS3, there has been tons of events that have changed the web panorama during this year. We spent all the year digging across the web to find those little secrets that were waiting for being discovered.

15 Excellent Step by Step HTML5 Website Coding Tutorials

Perhaps  you want to start using html5 markup now and you don’t know where to start with. Well, I’ve collected some of the best step by step html5 website coding tutorials just for you. I hope this will be useful to you and I love to hear your suggestion in the comment section. Enjoy!