10 Best Websites to Learn jQuery

by on July 7th, 2011 0 comments

While there are many programming languages that can help you create interactive pages, JavaScript was the true pioneer, which was developed back in the days, when every single web page was static. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language, which is relatively easy to use and implement, offers many possibilities to the web developers, and it is speedy and versatile. Being a client-side script, it does not add additional load to the server and it is extremely fast; if you are interested in learning JavaScript, here are the top ten websites, which will get you started:

1. W3Schools

Has more than 20 JavaScript texts, which cover topics from introduction to the scripting language to advanced matters such as cookies, validation, timing, and objects.

2. jQuery

jQuery offers tutorials in 20 different languages, including English, and these tutorials range from general to advanced.

3. Web Developer Juice

Has a number of very well written tutorials on a wide array of topics such as photo effects, HTML form creation, sliders, and galleries. The tutorials are supported by demos and sample code, and references and examples are included as well.

4. Code Snippets

If learning by example is your forte, then this is the site to bookmark. It has great number of code snippets that will let you learn how to use almost every feature of JavaScript.

5. Tutorialzine

Has a number of jQuery tutorials, all of which well written and accompanied with demo and code snippets. In addition, a direct download of the used code is available as well, allowing the user to grab the code and try it on his or her computer instantly.

6. Net.tutsplus

Has quite a few excellent JavaScript tutorials, most of which offer source files download. Some of the tutorials require premium membership, which costs $9 per month at the time of this writing.

7. HTMLGoodies

Is one of the oldest HTML tutorials sites and has a JavaScript section, loaded with articles and tutorials. For the beginners, the ‘JavaScript Basics” series is perfect as it covers from the most basic to the more advanced topics.

8. Learning jQuery

One of the best-organized sites, where you can search the tutorials by keyword and browse them by categories. In addition, they are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and are supported with code snippets.

9. Pro Dev Tips

Has some excellent posts on jQuery. Definitely worth checking out regardless of your skill level.

10. David Walsh

Covers a great array of topics, including PHP, HTML5, and CSS, and its JavaScript section covers jQuery, MooTools, and Dojo. David Walsh works for a known JavaScript developing company and all his tutorials are easy to read and cover many interesting topics.