Don’t Be a Victim. Protect your PC from Viruses and Malware

by on October 26th, 2010 2 comments


Computer infections are becoming a more common problem every single day. Users have to deal with the problems of having a Trojan horse, malware infection, spyware infection or a virus infecting their personal or business computer. However, computer infections do not have to be a daily part of your life. There are many excellent computer security programs that can help even the novice user to ensure that their computer is protected from the widest range of threats possible.

Trend Micro Titanium

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security

The Trend Micro Titanium family of products has a lot to offer users.  There are various levels of virus protection as well as the ability to ensure that you will be protected from malware, spyware and some of the products even include the ability to utilize parental controls.  Trend Micro Titanium is the most recent release of the Trend Micro Internet Security product that has been produced for years.  Users of Trend Micro benefit from a user friendly software program that will allow them to stay safe while using the Internet.  Trend Micro Titanium runs anywhere from $40 to $80 depending upon the exact version that is selected.


Norton Anti-Virus 2011 is one portion of the suite of products that is offered by Norton’s parent company, Symantec.  Individuals who have ever used Norton Anti-Virus know what the program can do in order to keep problems out of your computer.  Often, problems may be spotted within your computer and Norton will be one of the first Anti-Virus programs to notify you.  It is vital that you take a look at all of the different programs that are offered under the Norton name.  First, you have Norton Anti-Virus 2011 with Anti-Spyware.  This program offers a basic level of protection.  Norton Internet Security 2011 takes things to the next level.  Once you have Norton Internet Security 2011, parental controls, smart firewall and identity protection are all included to protect you.  Norton 360 provides 360 degree online protection from any Internet maladies.  Right now, Norton 360 is available for the exact same price as Norton Internet Security 2011 and both can be installed on up to three computers within your home.  Ensure that your computer meets the minimum required specifications before installing Norton onto it.  Norton has been known to take up a large amount of processor power and memory usage on older computers.


McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection are two additional programs that are available to home users who need protection against viruses, spyware and other intrusions entering their computer.  It is vital that you know what is going on within your computer so that you are not going to have dozens of infections that are transmitting your bank account password, your checking account number or other vital information to other criminal elements.  While there is only a five dollar price difference between McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection, it is well worth the extra small amount of money to ensure that you have the best protection possible.  McAfee Total Protection has extra phishing protection that the more affordable version of the product does not offer.  Also, your home network is protected from outside intruders along with the fact that your valuable files will be secured using McAfee Anti-Theft.

Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes is a useful program for individuals who encounter a large amount of malware, spyware and other non-virus infections on a regular basis.  While this program does not offer the real time detection without a paid upgrade, it does an excellent job of removing infections that have eaten into your computer once they occur.  Infections that cause your computer to have adware, spyware, malware or a combination of anything from the above are able to be removed without a problem thanks to Malware Bytes.  Also, the quick scan that is included with Malware Bytes is able to detect the most common problems in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes.  This is an entire “quick scan” of your computer!  However, do not worry.  When there are any additional problems encountered in the detailed scan, they are just as easy to remove.  You simply hit the removal button and all of the infections are removed as quickly as possible.  Sometimes a simple restart may be required in order to succeed in the complete removal of the infection.

As you can see there are plenty of free tools available to keep your PC safe from people and software with malicious intent. While this is not a complete list it is a great start for someone needing to get inexpensive but effective virus protection. Please feel free to share your favorite virus, spyware, and malware tools in the comments.