Make Some Money – 15 Sites Designers, Developers, & Artists Can Make Some Money

by Andy Crofford on March 10th, 2011 1 comment

The vast majority of experienced and talented web designers are hardly ever out of work – in fact, most of them are likely to have projects lined up for months to come. However, if you are new to the field and have very few contacts, then you need to find good places to offer your services and sell your products. We have taken the time to compile a comprehensive list of websites, which allow web designers to sell their work or offer their services:

1. Theme Forest

Powered by Envato, the company behind the extremely popular Video Hive and Audio Jungle websites, Theme Forest is a place where graphic designers could sell their WordPress and site templates. Singing up is free and the designers receive anywhere from 50% to 75% of the final price, depending on how well their products sell; this website is an excellent starting point for any freelancer since it receives decent amount of daily traffic and has excellent support.

2. Templamatic

Another virtual marketplace, where designers make between 50% and 70% on all sales. In order to sell a template, all you need to do is create a free account, fill out a simple form, and upload your work. All templates, which you post, need to be cross-browser compatible, original, and use valid HTML and CSS mark-up.

3. GraphicRiver

Also an Envato’s website, which allows independent designers to list icons, vector graphics, textures, graphics, print templates, presentation templates, and web elements. Selling your work exclusively entitles you to receive 50% to 70% on all sales, and you could withdraw your earnings to a PayPal, Moneybookers, or Payoneer account as soon as they exceed $50.

4. WP Theme Market

As the name suggests, here you could list your latest WordPress themes for sale. You could choose between a number of licenses, and a demo is crated automatically for your themes right after the upload.

5. CMS Market

Has a two-layer Author program, which allows you to either list your templates or WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla extensions free of charge, or let CMS Market handle the sales for you, and earn a commission on each sale. The latter option offers 80% of the purchasing price and allows for greater exposure.

6. Cerizmo

Has a program, which permits designers, authors, and webmasters to sell any digital product. The site offers five different plans, where the users could sell anywhere from fifteen to unlimited number of products and have access to 500MB to 100GB of disk space. Each plan comes with unrestricted bandwidth, unlimited transactions, and no sales fees.

7.Tycoon Talk

A subsection of one of the largest freelance websites, where you could offer your designs for sale. Registration is quick and free, but you are encouraged to read the forum rules before posting your first thread.


A website, where designers, developers, videographers, and hosting companies could add their listings.

9. Zoopa

Runs a unique program allowing users to enter competitions and create ads for well-known brands and companies. It is an excellent place to have your work seen and win some money in the process.

10. Graphic Leftovers

Lets designers upload their work, set their own prices, and earn 52% on each sale. With no exclusivity requirements, fast multiple uploads, and quick payouts, this is a great place to offer vector graphics or backgrounds, textures, and objects.

11. Istockphoto

One of the largest royalty free image and photo websites and a place where you could offer your logos, illustrations, flash, images, video or audio files for sale. Registering is free, but you need to take a quick quiz and submit three of your best samples in order to become a contributor.

12. CoSwap

Here you can either swap your design work for scripts, illustrations, writing, or photography that you need, or simply offer it for sale. The registration process is quick and straightforward and the website has close to six thousand members at the time of this writing.

13. Active Den

A huge marketplace, where you could upload flash and flex files and offer them to no less than 670 000 active members. Selling your work exclusively at this website would net you 50% to 70% per sale and PayPal, Payoneer, and Moneybookers payment methods are supported.

14. Buy Stock Design

Offers free membership, supports various payment systems, and lists PSD, HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and email templates.

15. I Vote For Art Permits designers to register their artwork for sale and lets users vote for each of the listings. You need to apply for membership, upload a sample of your artwork, or provide links to your portfolio in order to be approved.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of sites you can use to make some money on your hard work. Do you have a favorite site not listed here? Please share it with us in the comments.