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Web Design Tools 12 Awesome Web Design/Development Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

It is a great time to be a designer/developer of websites. While it is 2010 and we still don’t have flying cars at least we have many great (and free) tools to hold us over until we are traveling in style like the Jetsons. Some of my favorites are the web based tools you see popping up all the time. I don’t find all of them useful, there are many that make my life easier. Today I am going to run down the list of web based design and development tools I find myself using on a regular basis.

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Web Browser Shuffle Infographic Web Browser Shuffle: How User’s Preferences have Changed Over the Years [Infographic]

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Netscape Navigator was my browser of choice and I thought you couldn’t get any better than a resolution of 1024×768. Google Chrome is now my preferred Web Browser and 1680×1050 is my current resolution. It will be interesting to see what we are using 10 or 20 years from now.

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vivasite5 Win a Viva Theme and Six Months Hosting from Site5!

We are very pleased to bring you our third giveaway of the week. Today’s contest is going to be a bit different since we are not going to have one winner but three!

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woo Win a WordPress Package Worth Over $300 from TechKing!

Here is the final contest of the week and I am sure you will not be disappointed. It is Thanksgiving in the US but we wanted to show thanks to all of our readers with this great prize.

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23 Awesome Lightweight CMS Solutions

Building a website from the ground up is far easier and much quicker with the use of a content management system (CMS) and while some of the best known such as Wordpress are ideal for many projects, at times, simpler and lighter solutions are far more suitable. If you are in need of a stripped down, easy to use, and easy to install CMS, then read on.

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web Browser Evolution – The History of Web Browsers [Infographic]

Looking at the browsers in the current browser race it is hard to remember the time when Netscape had over 86% of the market share. Once Microsoft started integrating Internet Explorer with Windows they unsurprisingly took over the market and dominated it for several years. Enjoy this infograhpic and the The History of Web Browsers.

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fonts 15 Outstanding Sites to Find Awesome Fonts

If you are a web designer chances are you are in love with fonts, one could even call the love you have for them an addiction. While it is true that many of you may need a font intervention we can guarantee you won’t get that here. See, we are what therapists might call an "enabler". With that said, we present to you the best sites on the Web to check out and download fonts…enjoy!

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Web Programming The Most Popular Web Programming Langues

The most popular programming language today is Java, followed closely by C, and then C++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Perl, SQL, and Ruby. This is a statistic based on large amount of data, which takes into account the job trends, total number of projects, books sold, Web searches, open source projects, discussion sites, and other criteria. However, not all of the above-mentioned are web-programming languages as some of them are mostly used to develop desktop software rather than web applications.

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