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links-vol-14 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 14

Another Friday another awesome list of links. Whether you are interested in Photoshop tutorials, jQuery plugins, CSS, or WordPress I am sure there is something here that you will enjoy.

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type 5 Typography Tips for Web Designers

With the increasing importance of relevant and content-rich websites, many web designers are starting to pay special attention to typography, a crucial element, often ignored in the past. There is no use having excellent content if that content is not presented well to the visitors, and most of them would quickly hit the “back” button on their browsers if they see illegible text, conflicting colors, or mixture of different font types and sizes, crowded on the same web page.

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610 Typography Art – Break Dance

This tutorial will guide you on creating a typographical piece of art again. But this will be on a whole new level. The project is very inspired on break-dancing moves thus; you will need to download a silhouette of break dance moves. Also you will need a wood texture which is easy to find in free stock images sites.

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wirelessnetworks Wireless G and N

For the folks who are more user and less technology buff things like wireless protocols can get very confusing. One of the main difficulties with wireless G and N is trying to figure out which one you need. Lets go over the differences between the wireless G and N protocols.

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windows8 Find Out Whats Up With Windows 8

After the not so well-received Vista operating system, the software giant Microsoft released Windows 7, which is, according to many, the best Windows operating system to date. It is fast, robust, user-friendly, and functional, and most users have responded to it extremely well, but while some are still contemplating whether to take the leap and purchase, install, and use Windows 7 on their personal computers, the company is already actively developing its successor, unofficially named Windows 8. Windows 8 has been the talk of the town for quite a few years, with leaked screenshots and Milestones appearing here and there, and it has been surrounded by many rumors and speculations. On June 1st Microsoft has finally spoken up and revealed some of its features and the concept behind it.

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evolution The Darwinian Evolution of Graphic Design – Infographic

The evolution of graphic design is a very is very interesting. It is hard to believe the way we do things now that thousands of years ago "graphic designers" were chipping pictographs into cave walls. While some designers would probably be much better at that than they are with Photoshop it is really fun to look back and also think about what is in store for the future of graphic design. Without further delay, here is The Darwinian Evolution of Graphic Design.

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deals 9 Websites to Find Killer Deals Online

Online shopping is safe, easy, and convenient and the choice of merchants abundant and there is no surprise that we spend billions on online deals every year, in spite of the financial and economic crisis. Whether you are looking for the latest in fashion, an expensive watch, or the newest gadget, you can find it online and often you can find it at much lower price than the brick and mortar stores offer. Here are some great sites, where you can find great deals:

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banner Show Off Your Photoshop Magic by Creating this Flaming Playing Card


This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a realistic playing or poker card using premade vector shapes and the rounded rectangle tool in …

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