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wp Ultimate WordCamp Survival Guide

I recently had the preveldge of going to my first WordCamp. This was the first WordCamp ever held in Kansas City so there were a lot of first time campers there. For those of you who are not familiar with this technology conference, it is basically an event for WordPress publishers, developers, designers, and all around WordPress enthusiasts. From my experiences I thought a guide with information how to prepare for your first WordCamp might be helpful to others.

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management 13 Great Tips for New Managers

Your first managerial position will present you with challenges, which you have to be ready to face. Working with a diverse group of people, possibly from different backgrounds, and each with their own strengths and weaknesses, you would have to learn how to lead your team and get the job done. While courses or a degree might prepare you for some aspects of your new job, others you will have to learn the hard way. Here are a few tips, which might help you be a better manager.

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customerservice Must Read Customer Service Tips for Web Designers

Quite often, web designers, programmers, and web developers spend most of their days working very hard, coming up with excellent products or offering top quality service, and yet they fail in one of the most important aspects of any business – customer service.

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links-vol-15 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 15

This is not only our 15th post jam packed with must read links for web designers and developers, it is also our 200th overall post. It is crazy how time flies, it seems like this blog started just 198 posts ago. Any way, check out all these awesome links, there is something for everyone!

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collabtools 7 Outstanding Collaboration Tools for Web Designers

Working online comes with many advantages, but collaboration could be a challenge at times since you might be working with clients from all over the World and meeting them face-to-face is not always possible. This is where the collaboration tools come into play and they are the tools that allow you to share your tasks, projects, and work with clients and partners online, without having to leave your desk. Some of these tools offer only basic features, while others are more suitable for larger organizations, but we have decided to list the ones, which many web designers might find useful.

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banner The Power of Photoshop’s Refine Edge Tool

One of the most difficult and frustrating tasks in Photoshop is making a clean and decent selection on photos that involve super fine hair, fur, leaves, and any fiber like elements. When using the standard selection tool or the masking process, you may able to accurately select smooth edges. We may use the color range tool and the tweaking of levels and channels to select much difficult areas but that would also take too much time on manipulation and very complicated to follow.

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marketing Market Your Way to Success with Social Media

The surge of the social media site’s users has presented small, medium, and large business owners with new opportunities, which allow them to promote their products and services and reach larger audience easily. Web sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MySpace are as popular as ever and connect millions of users Worldwide. While in the past these sites were often blocked by the business LAN administrators, deemed as an unnecessary distraction that resulted in thousands of unproductive hours, today independent freelancers and large companies alike are using the same social media sites to grow their business and reach new customers.

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io5 Ultimate iOS 5 and iCloud Feature List

iOS, the operating system, which runs on iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch was known as iPhone OS before June 2010 and at the time of this writing is the third most popular smartphone operating system, holding 16% of the global smartphone market. From the date of its original release, it has been updated every single year, with every update adding some exciting features and the next version, iOS 5, which is expected to be released in the fall, is no different.

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