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streaming-musicl Internet Radio: The Absolute Best Music Streaming Sites Around

With the explosion of the new technologies, the Internet is now offering more content than ever before and there are hundreds of websites, which stream music. These websites offer songs from various artists, in different genres, and definitely have something for every taste and while some of them used to struggle to stay profitable, others have attracted enough advertisers and subscribers to sustain their operation and offer superb service. For the end user, being able to listen to music on his or her computer, iPhone, or smartphone is just a part of the equation as some of the music streaming websites allow their users to create their own playlists, rate songs, interact with other users, and find out what friends and strangers are listening to or like. Here are the top ten music streaming websites, where you can listen to music online.

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banner Visit a Galaxy Far, Far Away In This New Photoshop Tutorial

Take a trip through the cosmos. Using a few nifty tricks in Photoshop, you can get as close as possible to a spiral galaxy without having to travel several light years.

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html The Ten Tops Sites to Learn HTML

Creating a website is far easier than most people believe, but if you do not want to use a pre-made template or content management system, then some basic HTML knowledge would be highly beneficial. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it defines the code, which is used to build websites – once the basics are mastered, using HTML is straightforward and with the help of nothing more than a simple text editor, you can have a website up and ready in no time. Listed below are the top ten sites, where you can learn HTML.

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thief Digital Thieves – What to do if they steal your design or content

Working online carries a great number of advantages, but it has its flaws as well – as a web designer, it is next to impossible to prevent your work from being stolen and once stolen, it is often quite difficult to have it removed from the offending website. At times, the perpetrator might reside and host their websites in countries and jurisdictions, which are not too keen on enforcing copyright protection laws, which further complicates the matter. There is a lot a web designer and web developer can do in order to prevent this from happening, but the most important factor is to find the right approach, which is likely to deliver good results quickly. Filing a legal complaint could make a difference, but is often costly, slow, and ineffective and sending hundreds of angry emails is not the right solution either. What to do if someone steals your design work or content.

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Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 17

Here we are, another Friday and another edition of ‘Must Read Links’. Take some time and check these are, there are a lot of fun and informative things to discover. Have fun!

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jquery 10 Best Websites to Learn jQuery

While there are many programming languages that can help you create interactive pages, JavaScript was the true pioneer, which was developed back in the days, when every single web page was static. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language, which is relatively easy to use and implement, offers many possibilities to the web developers, and it is speedy and versatile. Being a client-side script, it does not add additional load to the server and it is extremely fast; if you are interested in learning JavaScript, here are the top ten websites, which will get you started.

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Leave Your Photo In Pieces With This Photoshop Tutorial

Everyone has probably experienced heartbreak or two. Whether or not you tore apart the photo of you and your ex in anger, or your mischievous devil of a toddler decided Mommy and Daddy’s picture would make for good confetti, this tutorial is for you.

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buyatelevision In the market for a new TV? Find out the best time to buy one!

If you are on the market for a new TV, you might want to know when is the best time to buy one – are the post-Christmas sales offering the best deals or are the pre-Super Bowl deals better? Of course, if you are buying a second or third, small and rather cheap TV, then there is no need to hunt down for the best bargain, but if you are after a large LCD or plasma or a $3 000 3D TV, then buying at the right time could result in significant savings.

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