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600x210 banner deadend Improve Your Skills and Avoid Dead Ends with this Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you the steps to compose a dark, gloomy, and spooky background with a distinctive neon sign at a dead end. Basically, it is a composition using two techniques in Photoshop namely the Neon Lights effect and Creating a Wall Landscape. Combining these techniques can create many dark themed scenes with the help of textures, lighting, and some spooky brushes.

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CD Ripping How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 6

Holy crap, this CD ripping guide is going on forever! It seems like a while ago I started this guide and were getting to the actual ripping part! We’ve gone over setting everything up in the settings to rip your disk to FLAC files and form this point we’re going to let you know how to save those settings to a profile and the starting steps in ripping the files. So let’s get to it!

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rtl Ready to Launch? Things to Check Before Launching Your Site

You just finished what is, in your opinion, the most beautifully designed site you have ever worked on. Not only are you finished but you are ahead of schedule by a week, might as well launch the site and let the kudos from the customers pour in. As you expected you get a phone call minutes after the site goes live from your client and you answer it with joyous confidence…then the yelling begins. How can this be? The site design is awesome in every aspect, but apparently one. You forgot to update the alt tags from your filler, alt="clients naked wife", to what it should actually be. If only you had taken that extra week and poured over the site with a fine tooth comb this would not have been an issue. Here is a list of things to check and help you avoid this scenario.

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links-vol-9 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 9

Happy Friday, well technically Good Friday. Which begs the question, aren’t all Fridays good (if you have weekends off of course). Any way, it is time for Volume 8 of Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers. I tried to include a lot of awesome links for those of you with a glorious three day weekend.

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firefoxchromeextentions Top Chrome and Firefox extensions for designers and web developers

If all you do online is check your email a few times per week, or if you use the web only to shop, read the latest celebrity gossip, or surf your favorite site, then any kind of browser would work for you. However, if you are a professional web developer or designer, picking the best browser and several useful extensions would greatly increase your productivity, give you competitive advantage, and help you finish your projects on time, every time. Listed below are some precious Chrome and Firefox extensions, which every designer should look into.

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600x210 Show Off Your Photoshop Mastery with this Awesome Engraving Tutorial


Today’s Photoshop tutorial is going to be an engraving effect on solid steel. The effect is inspired from the movie poster of the action sci-fi …

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CD Ripping How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 5

Welcome back to part five of my series on ripping CD’s like a professional. We’re going over all of the options for setting up your CD drive. This is a fairly odd thing to have to do you would think, but it is important to do so to ensure the quality of your rips.

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rfid RFID – Revolutionary Tech or Pure Evil?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification and is the technology, which much similar to the barcode technology allows information to be exchanged between labels and readers. However, unlike the barcodes, this technology uses radio waves, which bring in a number of advantages and even though the barcodes have seen their fair share of evolvement and the latest symbologies offer much better reliability, readability, and can store more data, they have been around for more than forty years, and RFID is their most likely replacement.

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