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webdevtrends Hot Trends in Web Development

What makes the work of the web developer challenging and exciting at the same time are the ever-changing trends! With the exponentially increasing popularity of the mobile Internet surfing and the very strong user base of the social media sites, the latest design and development trends seem to be heading towards functional, less busy, and with larger logos and image backgrounds web sites, which incorporate the latest Web development technologies as well

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610x200 banner Painting Comes to Life Part 2 – Create a Magical Penguin Land in Photoshop

610x200 banner

We may have already a similar effect and tutorial for this on the same site, but I would like to share a much magical and …

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10 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless if you are just starting out as a web designer or you have more than a few hundred designs under your belt, you could …

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wordpress32 Big Changes in Store for WordPress 3.2 – Check Them Out Here

Even though WordPress 3.1 was released only in February, WordPress 3.2 Beta 1is already available for download and it comes with a number of new features. The most notable of them are the new admin layout, the Full screen editor, which facilitates destruction free writing, the new Twenty Eleven theme, new PHP and MySQL requirements, the enhanced admin bar, and the faster loading speed. What else has changed in WordPress 3.2 and are these changes going to make the most popular Content Management System even better?

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links-vol-11 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 11


TGIF. Since I couldn’t post all the awesome links I wanted to last week I thought I would follow-up this week with another huge list. …

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googlealts Fight the Power – 10 Alternatives to Google Search

While Google has been the unquestionable search engine leader for quite some time, it is not without its alternatives. A number of (other than Google) search engines, some of which have been around for years, and some that have just started up, are well worth using and might surprise you with their functionality and accuracy. Yahoo! and Bing are the two names that might come to mind to anyone, who is Internet and computer savvy, but there are others, which are smaller, regional, specialized, or haven’t gained popularity yet, but could prove useful to anyone that is frustrated with Google or is after more targeted results.

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610x200 Be Constructive and Not Destructive in this Photo Editing Photoshop Tutorial

For a long time already, we have been enhancing and altering photographs using the settings found on Image > Adjustments. This method is what we consider as the destructive method of editing photographs and images. we may have also discovered a way that could prevent accidental manipulation or changes done upon a certain photo by making a backup copy of it located on another directory, or we made a duplicate layer of that photo and hidden on the same Photoshop document (*.psd file).

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summerinternships Summer is Approaching, Time to Find an Internship or Job

It’s that time of year again. Temperature on the rise, pants getting pleasingly shorter, free time increasing, money situation low. Well "Snoop Doggy Dogg", it’s time you got yourself a "jobby job". It’s not the best of times out there, especially for youngins on the come up. Unemployment for teens and young folk, students, is something like three times the national rate. Which is hovering in the crapper as is, something like 8-9%. Options are few and there are a lot of people out there aiming to take the jobs that you would normally be able to get during the summer to help pay for your long break from reality. Hopefully I can drop some knowledge on you with a few tips on how you might be able to land a summer job or internship to get you through til the shroud of school blankets you from the real world that us folks get to deal with all year full time.

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