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buywebsites Places to buy and sell websites

Whether you are looking to buy a website, sell a website, or flip sites for profit, you would need a good starting point. Here are some of the best places, where you can buy and sell websites.

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nas Network Attached Storage – What is it and who needs it?

As your business grows, so will the need for better and more efficient data storage and this is where a network attached storage can come in handy. The network attached storage devices are nothing more than a specialized device, which stores data and files, makes the data available to all other computer in the network, offers data protection, and enables you to assign different access permissions as well. On the outside, most of these devices look just like a normal PC or server, but unlike regular computers, most do not have keyboards, monitors, or mice attached to them. Typically, they also run a strip-down operating system, which allows them to do what they have been designed for efficiently, but not to be used as a fully functional server of computer.

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links-vol-13 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 13

Here we are again, another Friday. We have more links for you to spend a nice long weekend checking out. There is something for everyone from useful fonts to beautiful icons to awesome Photoshop tutorials.

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wp 10 Must Have SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is unquestionably the most popular blogging platform today due to its excellent functionality and simplicity, and its latest 3.1.2 version has come with even more exciting features that are likely to make posting, updating, and managing comments even easier. However, the platform is not SE-optimized off the bat and instead of manually tweaking the permalinks, the code, or the different elements, you could use a number of WordPress plug-ins that can increase your site’s chances of higher rankings.

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610 200 (1) Creating the Comic Book Visual Style Effect

610 200 (1)

This tutorial will guide you how to make an ordinary photo into a comic styled image. Comics usually have their distinctive halftone effect and heavy …

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code 15 websites where you can find code snippets

If you have been developing and designing websites for quite some time, you are definitely reusing CSS, HTML, PHP, or JavaScript code repeatedly, just like most computer programmers do. Luckily for all of use, there are quite a few websites, which we can use to find some great pieces of code, post our own, or even build collection of code snippets, nicely and neatly organized and stored on a remote server. Here are 15 websites, where you can find code snippets.

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inspriation 14 Ways to Destroy Designers Block

Are you running low on creative ideas? Having a designer’s block? You are not alone and even the most talented and inspiring designers, authors, and artists are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration, and we have come up with a number of suggestions that you could find interesting and useful.

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Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 12

It is Friday and I have another huge list of links for you. There is some great stuff here, including a CSS Spritemap Generator, tons of Photoshop tutorials, web design and development tools and a lot more. Check them out!

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