10 Best Sites to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

by ArijitKRoul on August 1st, 2019 0 comments
10 Best Sites to Be Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress created a furor when it was launched. The ability to create your own blogs with ready templates had people falling for it all over the world. Innumerable themes have been created for WordPress and many of them are more than just attractive; they are enchanting and highly functional. Premium themes are better in a lot of ways because they offer a lot more features such as SEO and compatibility with Adsense. Given below are ten best sites to be premium WordPress themes. They are all good and are not listed in any particular order.


In the whole big ocean of sites offering WordPress themes, Theme fuse undoubtedly takes the cherry and the cake as well. The themes depicted on this site are extremely captivating. Every one of them is good and the choice is multifarious. The various features of the themes include 3D wallpapers, easy navigation and excellent compatibility to search engine optimization services. The themes provided are compatible to iPhone and iPad as well. The customer support provided is excellent.

Theme Garden

If you are looking for a unique theme for your WordPress blog, then theme garden is the door to knock. With a huge range of themes available on the site, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. The site offers a number of free themes as well. Almost all of these themes are widget ready with features images and custom menu management. You can also customize your header and the background. There are built in SEO options so, you will have no problem optimizing your blog for SEO purposes. With a great looking site and myriad useful features, theme garden ranks among the top WordPress theme sites. The site also invites new authors to submit new themes so, you can be sure of finding something new in the site every time.

Gorilla Themes

Gorilla themes offered on this site are great WordPress themes. The site provides theme with custom plug-in and threaded comments. In addition, the design is very professional and gives a very sophisticated look to the WordPress blog. The number of theme options you have here is huge and all at very affordable prices. With features such as auto-image resizing, banner ad management and free forum support, these themes are some of the best in the industry. You can customize these themes as per your blog. Free updates are another special feature in the theme.

Theme Forest

Theme forest is one of the most comprehensive sites for WordPress blog themes. The site offers over 4239 site templates and the cost of each theme begins from just $1. The site is very user-friendly, provides easy navigation, very well organized and the theme can be sorted by various parameters. Further, the site has a community where you can discuss themes with the authors themselves. The community is huge and growing by the day. The themes present in the site contains all the required features such as Adsense, SEO, Widgets and ad management, image resizing and a lot more.

Woo Themes

Woo Themes is an excellent site that offers a wide range of unique themes. The site offers around a hundred themes of very solid framework and beautiful designs. The cutting edge themes offered by the site have found thousands of takers. The special thing about the site is its creatively done themes along with excellent customer support. New themes are added every month. Browse through the gallery of WooThemes and choose the one that you think is apt for your site, but be prepared to be hopelessly confused because every theme is excellently created and presented.

Acosmin Themes

Acosmin themes are WordPress 3.0 compatible and available in an enormous range. Some of the attractive features of the sites are backend theme options, PSD files, ability to customize and manage menu, compatibility with valid, cross browser and custom page templates. With a huge variety and very desirable features, this site ranks among the top ten best WordPress themes.

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are a very special site among the premium WordPress themes because the site personifies its name – elegance. Every template provided in the site is a personification of elegance. The themes are of high quality. The best aspect about the site is the powerful and profound simplicity that it provides in its themes. This site is a welcome breather for the eye and a relief from a lot of other sites. The templates offered here have a certain “feel good” factor that makes them special. The technical aspects are admirable and comprehensive.

Studio Press Themes

Studio Press offers themes powered by Genesis technology, which is considered the best in the online world. The major advantages of using the site are that the themes are SEO friendly, easily navigable and pack a lot of ad and menu management features. Themes are regularly updated and the best theme in the site now is the child theme. The customer support provided is great and as the site claims “you get unlimited of everything”.

Pliable Press Themes

If websites were to be ranked as per their level of effectiveness, the Pliable Press would probably figure in the top five. With excellent customer support, all customizable features, SEO friendly, great blog management options and the best of all, stunning designs, this site is one of the best.

WP Zoom Themes

You can visit the WPZoom website for awesome looking designs coupled with efficient lifetime technical support and easy site management features. The site provides tutorials with every theme that will guide you through the set up process. With excellent SEO management tools, custom features and options panel, these themes will make your site look stunning and perform extraordinarily.
There are a lot of websites offering excellent premium themes for Word Press platforms. The above given list is the most popular and the most visited sites that excel not just in the designs provided but also in follow-up support, functional elements and customer service. These sites also provide such a varied range of themes that even the choosiest and the most pessimistic blog or site owner will find something to take his or her fancy.