13 Great Tips for New Managers

by on June 22nd, 2011 2 comments

Your first managerial position will present you with challenges, which you have to be ready to face. Working with a diverse group of people, possibly from different backgrounds, and each with their own strengths and weaknesses, you would have to learn how to lead your team and get the job done. While courses or a degree might prepare you for some aspects of your new job, others you will have to learn the hard way. Here are a few tips, which might help you be a better manager:

Know What is Expected of You

As soon as you get the new position, you need to be completely clear on what your responsibilities are and what is expected from you. If you have any questions, arrange a meeting with your boss and make sure that you know exactly what your position entails.


Many new managers, especially if they rise from the organization, tend to try to do some or even most of the work themselves and occupy their time with tasks, which they should delegate. While you might be skilled and experienced enough to perform some of the day-to-day tasks better, delegating them will free your time to look at the big picture, lead your team, and will show that you have trust in your team as well.

Lead by Example

Unless you show dedication, perseverance, and passion for your work, you are not likely to inspire those around you. Being a manager means that you will have to work harder than everybody else, give the job all you have, and do whatever it takes to reach the set goals.

Respect your Co-workers

As a manager, you will often have to diffuse difficult situations, but no matter how difficult they are, you need to be always respectful to your colleagues.

Find Out and Use Team Member Strengths

You would have to delegate different tasks to the different members of your team – take the time to learn where each one of them is likely to excel and delegate the tasks accordingly.

Be Supportive

When members of your team come to you with questions or issues, try your best to help them. When you show your team that you care and support them, you are likely to gain their trust and respect and get the best from them in terms of performance.

Give Performance Reviews

Depending on the size of your team, holding performance review meetings every week or every month comes highly recommended. In addition, you should find the time to speak to each one of your co-workers individually and address performance issues as they arise.

Communicate About Changes

People resists changes, even when these changes are likely to benefit them. When it is time for a big change, speak to your team, explain what is about to change and the reasons behind it, and answer all questions that they might have.

Set Goals

Goals give your team members directions, but these goals have to be feasible, measurable, and challenging at the same time. It is best that these goals are given in writing as well.

Stay positive

You are likely to see many ups and downs in your work and you should try to remain positive and focused at all times. This is the only way to inspire, lead, and get the best out of your team.

Reprimand in Private

A golden rule, which will help you keep the moral high. When one of your team members is not performing as expected, speak to them in private, try to understand what causes the problem, and come up with a possible solution. Making negative remarks about individual team members during public meeting is likely to demoralize the team and cause resentment.

Be Professional

While you might have known some of the people that you work with for years, a managerial position requires you to be professional at all times. Keep your personal life separate from your professional life, do not ask the employees to do you personal favors, and do not favor friends that you might have working for you.

Ask for Feedback

Get feed from your team and your boss. Nobody is perfect and getting honest feedback is likely to help you address your weaknesses and become a better manager!

This is some great advice for any manger, new or old. It is important to always look for ways to improve. Please feel free to share your tips or let us know what you think in the comments.