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regularexpressions Introduction to Regular Expressions for Beginners

Regular expressions or Regex are a set of characters and operators, which allows us to perform complex searches for particular characters, complete words, or patterns within a text. When you are using a very basic text editor, which does not support regular expressions, then all you can do is perform simple searches.

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twitterinfographic Awesome Twitter Facts & Stats [Infographic]

There is no doubt about people love social networking. What do you think people would have said 30 years ago if you told them millions of people would enthusiastically communicate 140 characters at a time? They would probably tell you that you’re crazy and tell you to scram. Perhaps they would be correct, but you have to admin, Twitter and other social networks sure are entertaining.

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androidwebapps 25 Must Have Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers

We received a lot of great feedback on our must have iPhone apps for web designers and developers we thought we would write one up for the Android users. With the ever-growing popularity of Android, there is little surprise that many developers have directed their efforts at creating applications for this versatile mobile operating system: the amount of these applications has doubled in the course of a single year and, at the time of this writing, stands at 150 000. Today, you can use your Android Smartphone to play back media content, shop, chat with friends, play games, or even check out your weekly horoscope. In this article, we are listing the top 25 Android applications that web designers and developers would find extremely useful.

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600x210 banner Polish Your Website with this Web 2.0 Logo Tutorial

The term web 2.0 graphics has no proper definition. But so far, as we have throughout the entire Internet, have seen those glossy graphics, shiny 3D buttons, logos, bubble like icons. All have a common factor which is the distinctive shine or gloss, and the 3 dimensional illusion bubble effect. In this project and tutorial, the words shine and gloss will be greatly overused.

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CD Ripping How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 7

Here we are, the 7th and final part of the ‘How to Rip a CD Like a Pro’ series. It has been a long road but I think it is a road that is well worth traveling. You can now rip your CDs and enjoy a great sounding file. So lets finish up the rest of the ripping guide and the settings for MP3 rips. I’ll stop talking and we’ll get this over with!

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responsivewebdesign Responsive Web Design

If you are web designer or developer, you are well aware of the challenges of the modern design – not only you need to meet your client’s needs and expectations, but you need to make sure that your designs are compatible with most of the popular screen resolutions and devices. Your work should look good on computers and laptops with different screen resolutions, and you should make sure that is perfectly suitable for mobile devices as well. So far, most of the designers have responded to the increasing popularity of mobile and tablet surfing by creating a separate version of their website’s design – one, which people could access and navigate on the go, from any mobile or smartphone, without having to scroll left or right indefinitely.

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links-vol-10 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 10

TGIF. Since I couldn’t post all the awesome links I wanted to last week I thought I would follow-up this week with another huge list. There are some great links here, everything from graffiti fonts to some great social media icons. As always, enjoy!

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iphonewebapps 25 Must Have iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

There are quite a few iPhone applications that can greatly improve your productivity. Today we have tried our best to compile a comprehensive list. Using these apps will help you with your mobile designs and will allow you to get some work done when you are away from your office or home.

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