50 Great iPhone and IPad apps for Freelancers

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Working as a freelancer gives you a great freedom, but up until recently, you were still tied to your office or home computer. With the rapid spread of the wireless Internet and the launch of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, this has changed and now you can work sitting in your favorite coffee shop or from any spot in the World, as long there is an Internet connection. Listed below are 50 apps, which can help you stay in touch with your clients, send invoices, track your earnings, and on conduct business on the go:

Awesome Note (+Todo)

Available in 12 different languages and allows you to keep track on your to do lists while on the go.


Has won an award for best productivity app and it is an ideal task organizer. It can store projects, dates, persons’ details, places and it can help you keep shopping lists, to do lists, and other items at your fingertips.


Can help you manage projects, to do notes, and due dates, allows you to schedule different tasks, and it can sync wirelessly with its desktop version as well.


A Google calendar client, which you can use on your mobile devices. It allows you to drag and drop events, add new events, and easily navigate between days. Additional futures like search, SMS reminders, invitations, repeating events, and offline management, make Calendars one of the best productivity apps.


Tasks Done in Style has won the best productivity app award in 2010 and now on version 2.6, it offers multi-device sync, background sync, task scheduling, voice notes, and more.


Developed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers lets you make spreadsheets, using tables, photos, and charts easily. With 16 built-in templates, intelligent keyboard, more than 250 functions, and various work sharing features, this is a definite must-have.


One of the few apps, developed for mobile devices, which can help you edit, create, and save documents on the go.

Present Pad

An excellent presentation app, which you can use to display presentations right on your iPad or on a projector that your iPad is connected to.


Another presentation tool, which allows you to use different slide masters, animations, style options, and fonts in your presentations.


An app, which can help you showcase your portfolio anywhere you go.

Minimal Folio

Works with images, videos, and pdf files, and is ideal for designers or other freelancers, which want to be able to organize and present their portfolios to clients.

LookBook Portfolio

Artists, photographers, and other freelancers can use this app for their presentations.


Works with Elance.com, Odesk.com, Freelancer.com, Vworker.com, and Scriptlance.com and can help you find work and bid for jobs, no matter where you are.

Freelancer Mobile

With this app, you can access freelancer.com from your mobile devices, browse the posted jobs, run embedded searches, get feedback, and email yourself the jobs that you are interested in.

Omni Invoice

Create invoices and quotes, send overdue reminders, use logos, localized currencies, and formatting, use products and service categories, and make use of the built-in HTML and invoice templates with this excellent tool.


Use this app to create invoices, reports, and bills.


PDF Invoice & Time Sheet: the app has user-friendly interface, comes with built-in templates, allows you to back-up and restore data, has easy search option, and has countless other features that many freelancers would find useful.


App for FreshBooks offers clients, invoice, estimate, and expense management on the go.

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

Can help you track how much time you are spending on your tasks.

Time Flies

Another time management app, which is very simple and easy to use.

Time Master + Billing

Ideal for independent consultants, contractors, attorneys, and freelancers that bill their clients by the hour, this app works with simple time tracking, sessions, multiple running times, time rounding, billing rates, and more.

Billing Pro Touch

Is ideal for managers and freelancers, who need to add and manage clients and projects on their mobile devices.

Easy Time Sheet

If you wish to fill out a time sheet, track billable time, or calculate billable amounts easily, then this is a must-have app.


Time Tracking is a powerful and versatile application, which works with sessions, backups, scheduling, different currencies, and it is available in English, Spanish, and German.

TSheets Time Tracker with GPS

The app works with tasks and subtasks and allows you to manage your own time or track employees’ time.


Can help you track your activities, works with multiple accounts, has simple interface, and it is capable of printing the reports in CSV and HTML format.


Keep start and end times, use a stopwatch, sync with your online account, and edit and review your timesheets with this app.

Toggl Timer

Ideal for teams and freelancers, and it tracks time spent on projects.

Cube Time & Expense Tracker Pro

A powerful and versatile app, which can help you track your time, mileage, expenses, projected income, profits and more.

Tick (Time & Budget Tracking)

Some of the features that Tick comes with are instant budget feedback, timer, and browsing of current entries.


An excellent iPhone database tool, which can help you track and plan events, manage projects and tasks, and organize customers and contacts, plan meetings, and more.

HanDBase Database Manager

Lets you create and edit databases on your iPhone and is ideal for freelancers, who want to store passwords, lists, to-dos, mileage, and lists.

FileMaker Go

Is another excellent database manager that you can use on the go.

StoreIt Database Application

Use this app to create and populate database tables with expenses, to-dos, journals, sales information, time records, collections, and lists easily.

Tap Forms Database

Comes with 25 form templates, which can store up to 17 different fields. You can use this application to keep your daily journals, numbers, customer details, memberships, serial numbers, and important dates.

Flash Drive

Lets you use your iPhone and iPod Touch with your Windows or Mac computer, and view various files on the go.


A file manager, voice recorder, document viewer, and text editor all in one, which works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Documents 2

A mobile app, which allows you to store, print, share, and view documents, recordings, and spreadsheets.

Color Oven

An excellent application, which many designers will find invaluable. It can calculate color schemes, preview color schemes, save them for later use, and email their CSS code.

The Typography Manual

Perfect for designers and developers that work with fonts and type. It contains more than 60 pages of type related history and facts, as well as guide on how to set and use various text properties.

Intaglio Sketchpad

A scaled down version of the award winning application Intaglio. You can use this app to draw freehand, geometric shapes, as well as cut, copy, and paste graphics.

SketchBook Mobile

A great paint and drawing application, which works in full screen, has multi-touch navigation, and other excellent features.


Can help you find the perfect color scheme in no time.

iTeleport: Jaadu VNC for iPhone / iPad

Use this application to gain remote access to your office or home computer. iTeleport works with Mac or Windows computers, supports SSH encryption, and VGA out.


Gives you full control over your PayPal account from anywhere in the World. You can use the app to check your balance, withdraw your funds, send money as gifts, and even manage fundraising campaigns.


Allows you or your company to accept payments on mobile devices.


PayPal Manager: this is a powerful mobile PayPal manager, which offers some advanced features that allow you to search and sort out transactions, send money, and to take full control over your PayPal account.


A vector drawing application for iPad, which supports basic flowcharts, common networking shapes, icons, callouts, balloon, and works with most image types.


A vector drawing tool for iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch, which works with shapes, edit points, advanced path editing, standard board sizes, multiple layers, groups shapes, and more.


Can help you generate and experiment with different CSS3 styles, create web kit animations, and create and edit HTML templates.

What are your must-have apps for freelancing? Please share with us in the comments.


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If you edit your web pages only once in a while and if you do not mind heavy typing, then Notepad might be the only text editor you need, but if you are a professional web developer or you run and manage hundreds of websites, then using a feature-rich desktop or online WYSIWYG HTML editor comes highly recommended. Listed below are the top 10 free WYSIWYG HTML editors, which will speed up your web page development:


A powerful WYSIWYG editor, which is based on Gecko. It comes with excellent support for HTML, Javascript, XML, and CSS and it makes web page creation a breeze. It supports tabs, has a color picker, FTP site manager, CSS editor, customizable toolbar, and built-in spellchecker.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

A powerful editor, which comes with a multitude of great features. It supports projects, which help you keep all your related files in one place, comes with wizards for frames, tables, fonts, lists, and style sheets, and it highlights HTML tags as well. In addition, unlimited Undo, use of custom dictionaries, built-in thesaurus, image and link insertion, and split-screen preview make the CoffeeCup HTML editor a must have for the serious developer.


A web editor and browser, which supports HTML, CSS, and XHTML. It is open source software, which allows you to work on several documents at a time, use annotations, and easily create and edit web pages.


Another WYSIWYG editor, which comes with a built-in site manager that offers instant preview of the pages that you are building. It also comes with coded XHTML editing, XML and CSS support, FTP manager, and built-in validator.


Allows you to edit web pages in your web browser on the fly.


An open source, online HTML Editor. It supports all popular Internet browsers, comes with Newbie guide, and it is highly configurable.

Silverlight Rich Text Editor

One of the best-known WYSIWYG editors, which supports with find and replace, batch replace, serialization, keyboard shortcuts, and more.


Comes in free and paid versions and works on Windows and OS X machines. The Lite version generates clean XHTML, uses CSS for formatting, has an easy to use interface, configurable toolbar, and it is available in 22 different languages. The editor supports bullets, numbered lists, table elements, inline quotes, block quotes, and custom tags.


Allows you to transform any text area into a markup editor and it supports HTML, Wiki Syntax, Markdown, and BBCode. The editor is lightweight, customizable, and powerful, it supports keyboard shortcuts and it comes with Ajax dynamic preview feature.

What is your favorite WYSIWYG editor? Please share with us in the comments.

Top 10 Best Photoshop Tutorial Sites

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While Adobe Photoshop is considered by most web designers the best and most versatile graphic editing tool, it comes with a steep learning curve and mastering it takes hours or practice. Once you purchase the program, install it on your computer, and run it for a first time, you can get easily overwhelmed by its countless features, but by finding a great Photoshop tutorial site and reading and following some well-written tutorials, you will be on your way to learning some great new skills. We have taken the time to put together a list of 10 excellent Photoshop tutorial sites, which will help you master this powerful graphic editor and improve your image-editing techniques:

Tutorial 9

The website is loaded with excellent design articles, showcases, and roundups, has a RSS feed to which you can subscribe, and allows its members to post useful links, vote, and comment on the tutorials as well.

Photoshop tutorials

Here, you will find excellent and easy to follow tutorials, which are supported with plenty of screenshots. The website also has a download section, from where you can download textures, brushes, and graphics.

Pixel to life

The website offers a wealth of tutorials on 2D and 3D graphics, audio editing, desktop programming, databases, game and skin editing, website development, video editing, and more. It has a well-stocked Adobe Photoshop tutorials sections too, which is also one of the most popular on the site. With more than 10 000 Photoshop tutorials at the time of this writing, you are certain to find whatever you are looking, and you can start by checking out the top viewed or the top rated publications.

Good Tutorials

Good Tutorials is another excellent place to start learning Photoshop and learning new designing skills. The Photoshop section covers the basics, animation, color, designing, effects, scripting, text effects, web graphics, photo effects, photo retouch, and other interesting topics.

Photoshop Lady

Whether you are new to Photoshop or a seasoned designer, who knows his or her way around this powerful tool, this is a website well worth bookmarking. A lot of effort has gone into compiling these tutorials, they are supported by decent number of screenshots, and all of them are extremely easy to follow and understand. They are also conveniently categorized into sections, covering 3D effects, drawing effects, abstract effects, text effects, textures and patterns, photo effects, and UI design.

PS lover

PS lover is another excellent site, where you can find well-written Photoshop tutorials, divided into ten major categories. Register on the website if you wish to publish a tutorial and start from the Basics if you are new to Photoshop.


Tutorialized is a website with thousands of tutorials on Flash, Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, 3D Max, AutoCAD and other popular tools, and offers tutorials on Web design and development, business tools, and databases as well. The Photoshop tutorials are more than 15 000 and neatly divided into 18 different categories.

Tutorial Kit

Tutorial Kit is another site, packed with excellent Photoshop tutorials. Load the website in your browser, navigate to the category you are interested in, and start browsing the listed tutorials. Each tutorial opens in a new browser window and you can rate or bookmark each one of them.

Photoshop 101

Photoshop 101 has tutorials that cover special effects, image effects, layouts and interfaces, text effects, textures and patterns, web graphics, drawing and painting, colors, photo manipulation, and other topics.

Planet Photoshop

Planet Photoshop offers Photoshop resources, reviews, and tutorials. You can search the tutorials by keyword, check out the most popular or the most recent of them and you can watch some premium video tutorials, courtesy of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

As with all of our lists this is just our opinion, we know there are a lot more sites out there. Please let us know your favorites in the comments.

Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 20

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Hard to believe we have reached our 20th round-up of links. It seems like I just started doing this a few weeks ago. This week, as usual, we have a great list of links here for you to check out. A lot of great jQuery and general developer links that share some excellent information. Enjoy!


How to Build a Fully Functional CSS3-Only Content Slider

Building a Gallery of Content using Pure CSS

20 CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques for Creating Buttons

Cross-Browser CSS in Seconds with Prefixr

Google+ Buttons in CSS

The future of CSS layouts

Apple OS X Lion Buttons in CSS

20 Splendid CSS3 Web Forms Tutorials

30 Excellent CSS3 Tutorials


font dragr | Drag and drop font testing

18 Free Stylish Sans-Serif Fonts For Your Collection

New High-Quality Free Fonts

14 Fresh Fonts for the Week

11 Most Efficient Free Fonts to Create Elegant Designs


8 Best jQuery Mobile Plugins

jQuery popup


40 Best Free jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

25 jQuery image galleries and slideshow plugins

A basic introduction to jQuery and its concepts

jQuery Plugin Development: Hover to Reveal Masked Password

21 Amazing jQuery Images Galleries Sliders and Slideshows Plugins

50 New and Crazy Cool jQuery Plugins from Year 2011


Save Time Using Photoshop Smart Objects

500+ Must Have Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer

Create a Mysterious and Eerie Surreal Image in Photoshop

GraphicsFuel.com | Create a 3D text effect in Photoshop

30 Recent Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers

Improving Your Productivity: Quick Tips for Photoshop

Web Design & Development

Responsive Web Design: Helpful Articles, Techniques & Tutorials

The Most Important Parts of HTML5

Build Awesome Color Palettes Effortlessly in Illustrator

25+ Really Cool Photo Editing Online Services

20 Efficient Tools for Finding a Unique Domain Name

15 Most Useful Free Web Apps Resources for Designers

7 Lovely Things About HTML5 Markup


20 Top WordPress Plugins To Improve Readability

Customize your WordPress Search Results Page

Hardening WordPress Security: 25 Essential Plugins + Tips

10 Beautiful WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

I hope you enjoyed this list. Have a great weekend.

10 Best Sites to Learn Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails or RoR for short is a development framework for the Ruby programming language, which was released in 2004 and it is currently used by thousands of Web programmers. However, mastering Rails is ideal for the novice coders too since it allows them to reuse code, increase their productivity, and develop prototypes rapidly. If you want to start learning Ruby on Rails and find out how this revolutionary framework can help you build powerful applications faster, then check out the following sites:

Rails for Zombies

Rails for zombies is the ideal site for programmers, who are already experienced in Ruby, but want to learn Ruby on Rails. The site offers videos and allows you to join their online courses as well.

Poignant Guide to Ruby

Poignant Guide to Ruby is a book, which you can read online page after page, and learn Ruby in interesting and fun way.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby on Rails Tutorial lets you to learn Ruby by example and contains 13 lessons at the time of this writing. You can purchase the printed edition or the screen casts and go over the chapters at your own pace.

The Ruby on Rails API documents

The Ruby on Rails API documents have the full list of classes and methods and this is a site, which you definitely need to add to your bookmarks if you are using Ruby on Rails on a regular basis.


Peepcode offers various paid plans, which allow you to purchase a single screencast or subscribe for all existing and new screencasts for a year. Apart from Ruby and Ruby on Rails, the site offers screencasts on Javascript, Databases, Producitvity, GIT, UNIX, E-Commerce, and more.

Ruby Learning

Ruby Learning is a website, which has detailed Ruby tutorials, downloads, videos, and blog and it is an excellent starting point for everyone, interested in mastering the Ruby programming language.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails

Rolling with Ruby on Rails has a two-part extensive tutorial, which is written by Curtis Hibbs and it contains a series of excellent articles.

Rail Casts

The Rail Casts are put together by Ryan Bates and they cover mostly intermediate techniques and topics. The casts are short and to the point, helping you learn and apply the techniques right away.

Try Ruby

Try Ruby – if you know nothing about Ruby, then this is a great site to start. It comes with two interactive tutorials and you can type code and test it in your browser.

Ruby Koans

Ruby Koans uses sets of unit test and is good place to visit if you want to learn Ruby. The authors are Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien and their creative approach will help you learn the language, its syntax, functions, libraries, and structure.

Have you or are you learning Ruby? Please share the resources you are using in the comments.

Must Have Portable Apps for Windows

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Portable apps are the apps that run independently from the operating system (although they are normally OS dependent), do not change the system files, and keep all the necessary data in the program’s folders. They are ideal for people on the go, who can simply download and run the programs from external hard drives, flash drives, CD ROMS, and of course, their computers and laptops. These portable apps do not clutter your system and if you decide that you no longer have use for them, all you have to do is delete them without having to worry about incomplete un-installs and left over files. These programs are often scaled down, but fully functional, multi-media players, email clients, instant messengers, graphic viewers, image editors, and office software.

Listed below are some of the must-have portable apps for Windows:

Open Office Portable

A fully functional and complete office suite, which comes with word processor, presentation tool, drawing tool, spreadsheet, and database. Using it, you can create, edit, save, and process almost any kind of office document just like you would with some of the paid office products.

ClamWin Portable

A portable anti-virus program, which you can take with you anywhere you go. The program comes with one-click installation, intuitive interface, high detection rates for spyware and viruses, and regular updates.

Mozilla Firefox Portable

Fast, safe, and speedy, Firefox is the browser of choice for many Internet users and its portable version allows you to carry your browser and your settings with you everywhere you go. You can have it installed on a flash drive, CD ROM, or any other removable media and use it on any computer or laptop, without having to worry about your passwords and browsing history being seen by others. All changes that you make and all settings are stored in the apps’ directory and not on the computer, giving you an additional layer of security!

7-Zip Portable

A must-have app if you want to be able to work with jar, zip, rar, 7Z, and other popular zipped file formats. The program can also un-pack more than 20 different archives, it can shrink your files to up to 40%, and offers AES-256 encryption as well.

Foxit PDF reader Portable

Much smaller than Acrobat Reader, the portable Foxit PDF reader launches in a split second, allows you to add annotations, and is spyware and adware free.

InfraRecorder Portable

Allows you to create custom data, audio, or mixed disks and burn them on the go. It can erase re-writable disks in four different ways, record dual-layer DVDs, record images (ISO and others), import sessions, and save data to files.

KM Player (KMP)

This portable player allows you to listen to music and watch video files, change the playback speed, and use various audio and video effects. In addition, the portable player supports most of the common media file formats, making it easy to use and eliminating the need for downloading and installing numerous codecs.


A portable diagnostic tool, which will analyze the hardware on any computer and display important information such as your computer’s CPU, BIOS, motherboard, disk drives, ports, memory, printers, installed programs, processes, and more. Unlike the built-in Windows system information utilities, SIW is easy to use and provides detailed information about the machine and the operating system itself.

Pidgin Messenger Portable

Lets you chat with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, and Skype.


A versatile image viewer, which works with more than 50 image file formats, displays images quickly, and allows you to rotate, resize, and use filters.

What portable apps are a must-have on your thumb drive? Please share them with us in the comments.

Top 10 Sites for Learning PHP

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PHP is a powerful scripting language, which is the driving engine behind most of the today’s dynamic websites. It is estimated that it is used by more than 20 million websites and most of the reputable web hosts have PHP installed on their servers. According to many skilled programmers, the language is fairly easy to master and we have compiled a list of excellent sites, where you can learn PHP on your own and at your own pace:


Tizag has a comprehensive PHP tutorial section, which you can browse and read online, or you can purchase all tutorials and download them as a single 100-page e-book. The tutorials cover everything from introduction and installation to more advanced topics such as sessions and cookies. If you ever need help and want to speak with other PHP programmers, then head over to the forum.

PHP Builder

PHP Builder – if you are searching for PHP templates, manuals, tutorials, scripts, and classes, then this is the site to check out. PHP Builder has a very active community PHP forum too, where you can get general help or ask questions about installing PHP, working with databases, upgrading, and more.


W3schools has some of the best PHP tutorials, which are separated into basic and advanced topics and into sections that cover PHP database, PHP XML, and PHP and Ajax. The tutorials and well-written, to the point, and supported with code snippets.

Web Monkey

Web Monkey offers PHP tutorials for beginners, which cover the basics, error messages, statements, variables, forms, arrays, operators, logical operators, loops, and functions.

Learn PHP online

Learn PHP online hosts easy to understand tutorials, listed in six categories, covering from the very basics right to scripts and security. Once on the site, you can browse the tutorials, post comments, search them by keyword, or simply check out the most recent of them.


Tuxradar has Practical PHP Programming tutorials, which are updated for PHP 5.2, very well written, and easy to follow. Divided into chapters, the tutorials cover every PHP topic imaginable and offer comprehensive information, supported with exercises and code snippets.


Phpbuddy is a site, which new and seasoned PHP programmers would find useful. It offers Quick Start PHP tutorials, scripts, and high quality PHP articles and downloads.


E-learningcenter offers PHP and MySQL series of courses, which are ideal for experienced programmers or beginners, looking to learn how to build versatile dynamic pages.


Daniweb forums – if you want to get in touch with likeminded PHP programmers or enthusiasts, or if you need help with whatever PHP-related concept you are struggling with, then head over to the PHP section and start posting.

Learn PHP tutorial

Learn PHP tutorial has some of the best-presented tutorials, which discuss the PHP basics, arrays, flow control, forms, code reusing, functions, data management, sending emails, sessions, cookies, and file management.

Learning PHP will put you on the right path to being a web developer. Once you learn that the sky is the limit on what you can do. If you have a favorite resource please feel free to share it with us in the comments.

14 Top Sites to Find Premium Graphics

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While every seasoned designer wants his or her work to be original and stand out, incorporating separate design elements, vector graphics, brushes, and templates into your projects will speed their completion up and help you work smarter. It is wise to keep all the graphic elements that you have designed handy, so you can always find them on your hard drive and include them in your future work, but you can also find hundreds of websites, which offer premium design graphic packages at very reasonable price. Listed below are some of the places, where you can find just about anything a designer might need – from icons and gradients to premium WordPress themes:


Grafpedia has a VIP download section, which you can access after paying a yearly subscription fee. Once a member, you have full and unlimited access to premium tutorials, source files, HTML and CSS code, and numerous design resources, including brushes, vectors, icons, and textures.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Premium offers instant access to premium WordPress themes, Photoshop brushes, vectors, and more for a small monthly fee.

We Graphics

We Graphics offers monthly, recurring yearly, or one-time yearly payment options and access to high quality premium graphic packages that include vectors, textures, mockups, icons, and brushes.

Media Loot

Media Loot has an awesome collection of scalable vectors, thousands of icons, print templates, and high-resolution textures. You can choose from three payment options (causal, professional, and elite) and select the one that matches your needs.


Arsenal sells various excellent packs, which include Photoshop brush collections, texture collections, mockup templates, fonts, vectors, and video tutorials.

Tuts Plus Premium

Tuts Plus offers four different payment options and the membership gives access to premium tutorials, motion graphics, vectors and illustrations, computer graphics, music and audio, flash, photography, and other premium sections.

Artbox 7

Artbox 7 sells brush, icon, and vector sets, as well as a complete designer set, which includes 523 packs and more than 7650 elements.

Brush Eezy

Brush Eezy has a great collection of patterns, brushes, PSD files, shapes, styles, and gradients. The premium section of the website offers three monthly subscription options, allowing 10, 20, and unlimited monthly downloads. With instant downloads, huge discounts, credit roll over, and requests, Brush Eezy premium is well worth joining!

Icon Dock

Icon Dock – if you are on the hunt for icons, then this is the website to bookmark. You can purchase single icons for a dollar or a little more, or buy complete sets and use the top quality icons in your own work.

Graphic River

With close to 25 000 graphics and prices starting from one dollar, Graphic River is well worth checking out. On the web site, you can find graphics, print templates, textures, vectors, web elements, fonts, add-ons, objects, presentation templates, and icons.


IStockPhoto is one of the best-known sites, offering premium graphic packages. Once you join, you can purchase credits and then use these credits to buy photos, illustrations, flash, video, or audio files.


Graphstock has stock photos, isolated objects, textures, various vectors, as well as WordPress, site, PSD, email, and other templates. In addition, you can find numerous Photoshop add-ins such as styles, shapes, brushes, actions, and gradients.


Cutcaster is packed with images, conveniently grouped in twelve popular categories. The credits start from a dollar for a 480×320-pixel image and go up to fifteen dollars per credit for high resolution, 5900×3800 pixel images.

Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo has a vast collection of more than five million royalty-free images. The credits are sold for $0.99 up to $1.69 per credit, depending on the amount you wish to purchase, the images are divided into 14 main categories, and you can browse them by category, search them by keyword, or sort them out according to popularity.

Premium graphics can make a web designers job much easier and these sites have a great selection. Do you have a favorite not in this list? Please share it in the comments.

Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 19

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This week I really wanted to put together an awesome set of links. This list includes something for everyone from font enthusiasts to WordPress geeks we have it all. Forget going outside, it is too hot, stay indoors and check out these resources!


CSS3 Radial Gradients

30 Excellent CSS3 Tutorials

How To Create a Slick Features Table in HTML & CSS

60+ Finest Fresh CSS Website Designs for Design Inspiration

Generate CSS code with this Photoshop layer styles emulator

Resources for Styling Lists

Little CSS Stuff Newcomers Get Confused About

8 Useful CSS Tools

CSS FTW – Showcasing Fine CSS Websites

CSS Buttons: Tutorials and Examples


46 Free & Elegant Calligraphic Fonts

New High-Quality Free Fonts

17 Comic and Cartoon Kids Fonts for Designers

Collection of Hand Written Fonts

25 Font Styles Showcase and Resources

50 Nice Script Fonts


20 jQuery Tutorials Teaching Super Cool Visual Effects

22 Useful jQuery Animation Tutorials

25 jQuery Image Galleries and Slideshow Plugins

21 Useful jQuery Slider Tutorials

jQuery Boilerplate

2011 jQuery Tutorials for Enhancing Your Creativity

Simple Slide Effect on Blogger Using jQuery

20 jQuery Tutorials Teaching Super Cool Visual Effects


Fantastic Freebie: 3D Web UI Kit

Lock icon (PSD & PNG)

25 Awesome Wooden Textures

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Feathery Shoe from Scratch

Slick Dark PSD Countdown Freebie

30+ Fresh Gadget Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials

50 Free High Quality PSDs

Web Design & Development

Learning To Use HTML5 Semantic Elements

How to Develop Your Website’s Tone of Voice

25 Excellent Google+ Icons

Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies

Freebie: Professional E-Commerce Icons Set

Using White Space (or Negative Space) in Your Designs

8 Useful Tips and Tricks for New Graphic Designers

Web Usability: Top 5 Tips For Your Website

Top 12 Web Design Guidelines (For Print Designers)

12 Steps to Better Navigation

Learning to Use HTML5 Semantic Elements

Screenfly – Test your website at different screen resolutions

22 Sets of Free Google+ Icons from Around the Web


8 New and amazing WordPress hacks

Using Custom Post Types to Create a Killer Portfolio

10 Beautiful WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

34 Interesting WP Plugins Released In The Last Three Months

35 Top WordPress Mobile Theme and Plugin Collection

More Fields « More Plugins

I hope you enjoyed this list. Have a great weekend.

10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Web Developers

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As a web developer, you would want to stay on top of the latest technologies and follow and learn from other developers as well. While reading numerous web development websites and personal blogs is always useful, you can also follow a number of podcasts and listen to the latest news and interviews of successful and skilled developers. We have compiled a list of 10 podcasts, which web developers should listen to:


Think Vitamin offers biweekly podcast, which is hosted by Keir Whitaker, who is joined by Ryan Carson and Mike Kus to discuss the latest in web development. The sessions cover CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, and various other topics.

The Dev Show

The web podcasts are hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jason Seifer and focused on PHP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and other web development technologies and topics. On the website, you can check out the schedule of the show and if you wish to participate or ask the host or his guests a question, you can join in by live chat or make a direct phone call.

The Change Log

Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland and with Steve Klabnik as a contributor, the podcasts cover various open source topics, which typically solve real-life problems. You can listen to the different episodes or browse the site’s archives, follow on Twitter, or subscribe to the podcast with iTunes or RSS.

Yahoo! Theatre

Yahoo’s developer network offers wealth of information on every web development topic imaginable. You can watch some of the top developers discuss various technologies and you can download the videos to your hard drive too, or read the transcripts and stay informed on the latest web development trends.

jQuery podcast

So far, there are 45 episodes that you can listen to and every single one of them is related to this powerful cross-browser JavaScript library.

The WordPress Podcast

Despite its name, the episodes cover not only strictly WordPress-related topics, but also look into web blog development, blog and site monetizing, search engine optimization, and more. However, the majority of the episodes discuss the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress development, plug-ins, and other related topics.

The Big Web Show

Hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman, the big web show discusses web technology, typography, web content, design, social media, and other web-related topics.

The Userability Podcast

On the website, you can find numerous recorded sessions, discussing not only usability, but also design principles, mobile design, PDF and HTML prototypes, visualizations, responsive web design, and other hot subjects.

Workers of the Web

The website has podcast and blog posts, which cover numerous topics that might interest not only web developers, but everyone who spends his or her day working on the Internet or behind a computer. The topics range from dealing with clients when working as a web developer to ways to reduce the strain on your back while working behind a computer.

CSS Screen Casts

css-tricks.com has close to 100 videos, covering various CSS and HTML topics and the website allows you to watch them online or download them as m4v files. Some of the latest videos touch on HTML5 form types, attributes, and elements, CSS animation, body borders, border gradients, CSS slideup boxes, and table drawing.

Do you have a favorite web developer related podcast? Please share it with us in the comments.

Top 10 Sites for learning CSS

by Andy Crofford on August 2nd, 2011 0 comments

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language, which enables web designers and web developers to change the way their websites look. The power of CSS lies in its capability to separate the content of a web site from its presentation, and it also allows webmasters to make changes to numerous web pages that use the same CSS file. CSS offers accessibility, flexibility, easy page formatting, and side-wide consistency, and is applicable to pages, written in HTML and XTML, as well as XML, SVG and XUL.

What are the top ten sites for learning CSS?


this is one of the best-known tutorial websites, which has a CSS section. On w3schools.com, you will find numerous, very well written CSS tutorials, which cover almost all basic and advanced topics. The site also has a few quizzes, which allow you to test your knowledge and hundreds of CSS examples that let you put that knowledge into practice.

HTML dog

Has CSS Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced tutorials, all of them supported with examples and all of them very easy to follow.


Entirely dedicated to CSS, this website offers tutorials, videos, tips and tricks, news, and even a podcast.

CSS Basics

Very elegantly designed and very easy to navigate, the website offers 18 chapters of CSS text, which cover syntax, classes, IDs, spans, margins, padding, text, borders, backgrounds, lists, and more.

CSS dog

The tutorials are separated into beginner and advanced sections and they are all very well written and supported with code snippets.

HTML Goodies

This is one of the oldest and best know tutorial websites on the web, which originated as the place to learn HTML and now offers CSS tutorials as well. The simple design, easy navigation, and the well-structured tutorials make it one of the top places to learn CSS.


At the time of this writing, the site offers fourteen CSS tutorials and covers seven advanced topics, but what makes its tutorials stand up is the fact that they cover more real life examples than other websites. Each tutorial discusses different CSS feature, comes with numerous examples, and even allows you to try the code out in your browser.

Site Point

Written by the senior web designer Ian Lloyd, the beginner’s CSS guide, which is posted on Site Point is definitely one of the best-written and easy to follow. It is written in a clear and concise style and it uses screenshots and code snippets to help you master CSS.

CSS Easy

This is the place to go if “you don’t want to read CSS books of 500+ pages.” The site has four fluid and four fixed layouts and if you want to use and modify any of them for your own needs, all you have to do is view and copy the source code from the respective web page, and save it on your hard drive.


If you want to master the latest CSS variation, CSS3, then this site is an excellent starting point. The tutorials cover every single property, list its possible values, and have easy to understand and use examples.

These are our the ten best sites to learn CSS on in our opinion. What is your favorite site to learn CSS? Please share with us in the comments.