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How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 7

Here we are, the 7th and final part of the ‘How to Rip a CD Like a Pro’ series. It has been a long road but I think it is a road that is well worth traveling. You can now rip your CDs and enjoy a great sounding file. So lets finish up the rest of the ripping guide and the settings for MP3 rips. I’ll stop talking and we’ll get this over with!

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How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 6

Holy crap, this CD ripping guide is going on forever! It seems like a while ago I started this guide and were getting to the actual ripping part! We’ve gone over setting everything up in the settings to rip your disk to FLAC files and form this point we’re going to let you know how to save those settings to a profile and the starting steps in ripping the files. So let’s get to it!

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Show Off Your Photoshop Mastery with this Awesome Engraving Tutorial


Today’s Photoshop tutorial is going to be an engraving effect on solid steel. The effect is inspired from the movie poster of the action sci-fi …

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How to Rip a CD Like a Pro – Part 5

Welcome back to part five of my series on ripping CD’s like a professional. We’re going over all of the options for setting up your CD drive. This is a fairly odd thing to have to do you would think, but it is important to do so to ensure the quality of your rips.

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If You Have a Passion for Design Check Out this Cool Bleeding Photo Photoshop Tutorial


Let me share to you a simple trick in Photoshop where we create a badass antique looking portrait painted in blood. Speaking of blood, this …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming One with SQL

If you don’t know what SQL is, it stands for Structured Query Language. It is a programming language that allows for the access of manipulation of databases and their various tables. This language follows a strict set of standards created by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This means that regardless of what version is used on a server, there will be certain aspects that must be uniform throughout every sort of implementation.

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Bursting with Creativity? Check Out this Awesome Sunburst Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a very cool sunburst or rising sun effect on Photoshop.

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Photoshop the Underworld with this 3D Text Effect

Many of you, including me, have already stumbled upon several Photoshop tutorials like this on other web sites. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow right away because of the confusing instructions and left out parts and details which are very important. So here’s my detailed tutorial of this Photoshop technique.

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